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About us

Whether you are in town or out of the country.   We have qualified trainers that give lessons and riding instructions in all disciplines from beginners to national show quality competing.

Whether you have your own horse(s) and want to ride one of ours, we offer a full breadth of services from getting beginners "saddled up"for the first time, to getting professional horses and riders in peak shape for an upcoming performance.

Pair your horse with our flexible boarding options and we will work to give your horse a happy home, and you a pristine place to ride, learn and play. 

Meet Our Trainers!

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Bethany Wilhelmsen

I'm a dressage trainer who enjoys the things dressage can do for any horse.   I have 15 years of experience both in and out of the show ring and I love to share that journey with my clients. 


I've taken both junior and adult competitors to regional competitions and high point awards, as well as taking horses in training to the same heights.  So if showing is your aim or you simply want to deepen your relationship with your horse I would love to help.

Draperdale Riding School


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Kimberly Linnell

My journey with horses started 22 years ago when I began taking English riding lessons at an eventing stable.  A few years later I was exercising horses and helping train schooling horses, working at the stable for 7 years before heading off to college. I started ranch handing in Montana where I spent long days in the saddle working cattle, and began starting young horses under saddle. It was in Montana where I discovered the sport of Endurance, long-distance racing on horseback, and there has been no going back! Endurance is a unique horse sport where you and your horse are tested against time and the elements, and you as a rider are responsible for your horse's health to ensure you both make it home safely. Endurance has given me a holistic approach to horse training and well-being, and combines my love for horses with my need for adventure. 
I have a wide array of experience with different horses and disciplines, however I specialize in endurance, English riding (basic dressage and jumping) and colt starting. I love getting young horses started the right way, with their headspace and longevity in mind. I get them safe and ready to go in whichever direction you choose. I can put training rides on your horse, whether conditioning for fitness or tuning up their skills, and also provide endurance coaching and horseback riding lessons. 
I look forward to sharing my passion with you! 


Summit Stables


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Schuyler Bjork

I had my first riding lesson at age 9, and have since then spent every moment I can with horses. What my parents hoped was just a "horse phase" has grown to become a passion and deep love of these amazing animals. 
     While I dabbled in various styles over the years, I have found show jumping to be my favorite discipline. Growing up, I spent several years at a local hunter jumper barn. I was the typical barn kid, hanging around, doing endless chores in exchange for lessons and loving every minute. When I was 15, I had finally saved enough money to buy a horse and began training him to jump. He and I have enjoyed many summers of horse shows and other adventures and now he is one of my trusty lesson horses. 
     Following high school, I attended Utah State University and majoring in Equine Science. However, after two years in the program I made the switch over to Psychology; I graduated in 2019 from Weber State University and am now pursuing a Masters degree in Behavior Analysis. 
     I began taking on riding students in 2018 and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people and introducing them to the amazing world of horses. Horses have changed my life and brought me so much joy. Being able to share that joy has made me so incredibly happy and I am so grateful for the experience. 

Soleil Equine