Boarding Options 

We have several boarding options to fit your needs including indoor barn stalls, outside covered panel stalls and paddocks with shelters.   Below are just some of the reasons that horses and customers respect and trust Horse Lovers Haven, LLC.

  • We clean all stall 7 days a week.

  • We empty and scrub our water tanks.  We don't expect our horses to drink water that we wouldn't.

  • We feed the horses 12 hours apart (AM & PM.)

  • All Horses Checked 4 plus times a day 

  • Owner lives 7 minutes from the barn.

  • One of the very few barns that feed our clients horses EXACTLY the way we feed our own. 

  • We offer a lunch program for the horses. 

  • If you have a happy horse we have a happy client. 

We are proud to offer the following.

  • Horse Turn-Out Program.  Horses are in a stable for the benefit of HUMANS..not the horses.  It's important that they are turned out and allowed to run.  Run, Play, Buck, Snort, and Rear.

  • We have a Horse Game Day one Saturday a month(from April through September) - Games include: Tag, Bareback Fun, Simon Says, Eggs and Spoon Riding Competitors. *Suspended due to Covid-19, will advise we can resume game day.  

  • Organized Trail Rides.  (at least once a month) for borders owning their own horses.

  • We board horses for sale (No Min Stay)

  • Four Horse Walker - Round Pen.

  • Indoor Arena & Outdoor Arena, Groomed every day with an industrial groomer, it waters as it grooms to keep the dust down and provide great footing for you and horse. 

  • Shaving Animal Bedding - Lumber Head Mill THOMPSON LOGGING CO is where the shavings come from.  Green lumber, never been treated.  It's more absorbent, never dry or dusty.

  • Our Hay is weed-free, some of the best alfalfa in Utah.  We feed the same hay all year round, so we' can provide your horse with a consistent diet. 

  • Trailing Parking Space & Tack Room (No charge if your board your horse at our facility.)

Half Inside/Half Outside Stalls

6 stalls are bigger than most, half being inside a building, half being outside (but roofed).  Rented for $475 per month.

Middle Barn

26 stalls are 12'X12' panel stalls, fully covered, with winter/summer canvas drapes.  2 horses share 1 common water tank. Rented for for $425 per month.

North Barn

12 12'X12' panel stalls with lower solid coverings. hanging feeders and separate water tanks.  Rented for $425 per month.

2 Horse Paddocks

10 paddocks,  18' X 54' and can accommodate 2 horses each.  The back of the paddocks have a roof and a solid back.  4 horses share one common 100 gallon water tank.  Paddocks are scraped every other month. Rented for $350 per month per horse.

Single Horse Paddocks

6 paddocks,  12' X 54' and can accommodate 1 horses each.  The back of the paddocks have a roof and a solid back.   Paddocks are scraped every other month. Rented for $435 per month per horse.

The Main Barn

16 Solid Wall stalls are 15'X15', individual automatic waterers, and hanging feeders.  $450 per horse per month.